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Concrete Pipe – Approximate Mass & Dimensions - Page 5 PERFECT Pipe – HDPE Lined Concrete Pipe - Page 6 Tees & Wyes - Concrete & PVC Connections - Page 7 Reinforced Concrete Bends - Page 8 ... 2016 Con Cast Pipe Price List - Page 1. Conditions of Sale Return Policy

Rotary™ Pipe Cutters | Reed Manufacturing

Rotary™ pipe cutters cold cut large diameter steel, most stainless steel, ductile, and cast iron pipe in close quarters. The low profile design of the LCRC models needs only 5 inch clearance for up to 16 inch pipe diameter and only 8 inch clearance for the RC20 and RC24 which cover pipe up to 24 inches.


• Minimum Angle between Pipes entering Round Structures. • Minimum Pipe Depth. MINIMUM STRUCTURE SIZE ... structures with 8-inch walls and concrete pipe dimensions. Use Round Structure or Rearrange Pipes if these Angles are Exceeded. MAXIMUM ANGLE …

HDPE Pressure Manual - Marley Pipe Systems

The HDPE pipes manufactured by Marley Pipe Systems are manufactured to, and carry the SABS mark for, SANS ISO 4427. These pipes are manufactured from three different designated materials viz: PE 63, PE 80 and PE 100.

Pipe Clamps - Cooper Industries

Pipe Clamps Pipe Clamps All dimensions in charts and on drawings are in inches. Dimensions shown in parentheses are in millimeters unless otherwise specified. ... (600mm)pipe Material: Steel Function: Clamp is used for underground A.W.W.A. cast iron and ductile iron water pipe to prevent joints from separating. The O.D. of ... Pipe Clamps Pipe ...

Pipes - DPF New

200mm, 3,600mm + Coal Tar Epoxy (Optional from 200µ to 1000µ) ... During the fabrication process, pipes are lined across the internal circumference to protect the surface against chemical attack. Once the concrete has set, the lining locks mechanically to the interior of the pipe, allowing for large movements at the joints without losing it ...

Reinforced Concrete Pipe | Rinker Pipe & Stormceptor

Reinforced Concrete Pipe. Rinker Materials manufactures a complete line of standard and specially designed Reinforced Concrete Pipe for various applications.

McPherson Concrete Products, Inc., feed bunks, concrete ...

Pipe Specifications This is the traditional pipe of the industry designed to withstand heavy external loading while providing optimum flows in highway, storm or sewer projects.


DUCTILE IRON PIPE, FITTINGS & ACCESSORIES Compatible With PVC-U, PVC-M, PVC-O, GRP, AC & DICL Pipelines . Disclaimer ... Spigot Dimensions - Pipe Spigot Dimensions - Fittings Spigots are manufactured in accordance with the dimensional requirements of AS/NZS2280. Nom. Size DN

Myers MDC33P1 Sump Pump 0.33 HP 115V 10' Cord Automatic

MYERS LIMITED WARRANTY. SUMP & RESIDENTIAL SEWAGE. During the time periods and subject to the conditions hereinafter set forth, F.E. Myers will repair or replace to the original user or consumer any portion of your new MYERS product which proves defective due to defective materials or workmanship of MYERS.

Drainage - Pipe | Oldcastle Precast

Drainage - Pipe - Precast piping is the most common type of concrete piping because of its incredible versatility. Pipes are hollow tubes that are typically installed below …

HDPE Pipe Dimensions and Pressure Ratings - P.E.S Co.

HDPE Pipes. The following table shows dimension and maximum continues operating pressure for HDPE pipes based on PE100 material and water service temperature at 20°. Dimension Ratio SDR51 SDR41 ... Pipe dimensions are in accordance with EN12201-2 and DIN 8074 ;

InRow RC, 600mm, Chilled Water, 460-480V, 60Hz - ...

Services. Services. Schneider Electric Critical Power & Cooling Services (CPCS) provides the expertise, services, and support you need for your building, industry, power, or data center infrastructure.


Blue Diamond Corrugated by Infiltrator supplies high density corrugated polyethylene pipe to the drainage, septic and stormwater markets ... (600 mm) 23 .9 i n(60 5 m)8 7 1 C rc u la / s t oSp Be E d.


PRODUCTION OF CONCRETE PIPES ... 150mm to 1200mm with perforated pipes available up to 600mm. • Spigot and Socket (S&S) pipes used for Foul and ... known dimensions and shapes of pipes for sewer and low head pressure systems as well as for manhole systems.


A companion publication 'The Concrete Pipe and Portal Culvert Installation Manual' deals with product installation. ... • product size • product strength • product durability • special product features The basic formulae, diagrams and tables support this. This

Pipe Fitters Handbook - pipe-valve-fitting.com

Pipe Fitters Handbook April 2012 For the most current product/pricing information on Anvil products, please visit our website at

160mm PVC - PVC Flexible Pipe Coupling - MDC 165 ...

160mm rubber flexible coupling for connecting PVC Pipework Size range 150mm to 165mm Tighten to: 6Nm Complete with 2 jubilee clips to tighten.

Reinforced Concrete Square Pile

Hume RC Piles are manufactured in sizes ranging from 150mm x 150mm to 400mm x 400mm. To suit different soil and design conditions, Hume RC Piles are available in two classes for each and every pile size, i.e. Standard and Customised.

CARBON STEEL PIPE • Dimensions - Atlas Steels

Chart of Commom Stainless Steel Pipe Grades Chemical Analysis (%) Specified Welded & Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe to ASME B36.10M All dimensions are in mm Schedule Wall Thickness in mm Nominal size DN NPS 10 20 30 40 Std 60 80 XS 100 120 140 160 XXS CARBON STEEL PIPE • Dimensions Note 1:For dimensional tolerances refer to ASME B36.10M ...

CONCRETE PIPES - nicbm.com

CONCRETE PIPES CONCRETE PIPES Y Since 1960 ete er) ble h king o-unneling Pipes king Pipes without e te king Pipes with Steel e Non & ced ete Pipes ete Channels with er Half ... • Storm drainage pipes DN 250 to 600 mm are not reinforced as per B.S. standard. • …

Jensen Precast - Reinforced Concrete Pipe - Concrete Pipe

Reinforced concrete pipe is a much higher quality solution to other types of pipe for several reasons. Reinforced concrete pipe is more durable, dependable, and structurally sound than that of other pipe.

New Exceed Racing Fiberglass Gas Powered RC 1300mm Speed ...

Speed across the water with your RC High Performance NEW DESIGN SPEED BOAT! Everybody who sees this 51" monster is literally blown away by the sheer size of this boat as well as the quality of its amazing paint work.

Pipe and Products Catalog - Forterra: Leading Manufacturer ...

TITLE PLANT STATE SECTION. PAGE DATE AR 2-1-05 Note: For special applications or designs, please contact our office for technical assistance. Basic Design Criteria/ 1.2 Software Programs Available 2. Lateral load design of substructure is based on AASHTO load factor design method.

Comparing Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) with Plastic Pipe

National Precast Concrete Association / NPCA Blog / Precast Products / Comparing Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) with Plastic Pipe July 22, 2009 1 Comment When a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing: criteria for selecting RCP and HDPE pipe for stormwater drainage applications

Concrete Pipe Specifications | Rinker Pipe & Stormceptor

Concrete Pipe Specifications - U.S. ASTM C 76 AASHTO M 170 Standard Specification for Reinforced Concrete Culvert, Storm Drain, and Sewer Pipe ASTM C 361 Standard Specification for Reinforced Concrete Low-Head Pressure Pipe ASTM C 443 AASHTO M 315 Standard Specification for Joints for Concrete Pipe and Manholes, Using Rubber Gaskets ...

Products > Precast Concrete Pipe - OKA

oka precast concrete pipe OKA as one of the leading manufacturer of precast concrete pipes, provide an extensive range of spinning spun pipes from nominal diameter 300mm to 1800mm. OKA precast concrete pipes are available with rebated/ogee joint and spigot & socket with rubber ring joint.

Spun Pipe | Humes NZ

Manufactured in Hastings and Christchurch, Humes' spun pipe making process provides a high degree of flexibility, making it economical to make small quantities or special design pipes.